ďBoth of my brothers are field workers, it is hard work with a very low salary of only 70 Rupees per day. So I decided to go for a better future with a technical educationĒ

Pradip Sahare, from Bela (village 45 km south of Nagpur)

Pradip is 21 years old, coming from Bela which is around 45 km away from Nagpur. All his family members are field workers, so he knows what life is like for a field worker. Attending one of the Sangamís public information events in 2006, Pradip learned about the Technical School in Bamhani Base Centre. On the next occasion he joined the 6-months Electrical Wiring and Motor Re-winding Course of the Ecumenical Sangam. While participating in the Electrical course he also studied for his second year of Bachelor in Sociology and History at Nagpur University.

This combination of practical and theoretical skills has boosted his technical career. Immediately after receiving the Government Certificate from the Sangamís Electrical Wiring and Motor Re-winding Course he was offered a job as a permanent employee in Narayana Food Process Ltd., a biscuit factory in Butiburi. Working as an Electrical Operator, Pradip has a monthly income of 5000 Rupees (£67).

Additionally he enjoys stability, social security and privileges related to holidays and lunches. Most of his colleagues in the factory are unskilled daily worker under a Labour Contractor, earning only 2500 to 3000 Rupees per month for hard physical work. Pradip knows that it was only his education that enabled him to reached his position Ė thatís why he keeps on motivating young boys from his village to go for Training Programmes such as those run at the Sangamís Technical School.